Lowell Montgomery

Lowell Montgomery, aka LoMo on Drupal.org, is a British-born American who's lived in northern California a large part of his life. He moved to Europe from his home in the California foothills in early 2002, and has lived in Frankfurt since then, except for a couple of years in Italy. He is a relatively new Drupal evangelist who worked full-time for Cocomore AG for some time and now works part-time / freelance as the primary author of the English content on the Cocomore Drupal blog. With the rest of his time, he pursues his various passions and continues to read and learn about Drupal with the goal to hone his coding skills, contribute more to the community, and write and maintain more cool modules. He is the Webmaster for Frankfurt's Toastmasters "Esprit de Corps" club, where he works on building his public speaking skills with the goal to better be able to share his passion and knowledge with others.

Firma: Cocomore / Freelancer | Ort: Frankfurt am Main