Leveraging Media API to get master data into Drupal: Concepts & insights from a data management perspective

1 Slot - 45 min

Data management in big coproates or local authorities is a major task to get control over your data. What data do you have? Which metadata are releveant? Which systems are consuming the data?

Drupal offers its Media API for referencing external data and make them manageable in Drupal. The basic pattern is about media assets like oEmbed, files, images and so on. But other external data are also possible.

I want to discover the Media API with you and explore some (hidden) features and discuss the pros, cons and challenges about using external data like contacts and its metadata.

What we want to talk about:

  • Master data definition and critical use cases
  • Media API basics
  • Custom Media-Provider & Integrations
  • Challenges when consuming external data
  • Discussion

Speaker: sunlix