DrupalCamp Ruhr 2023

Will the DrupalCamp take place in any case?
Yes, our funding is secured. The DrupalCamp will take place in any case.

Do you still need sponsors?
No, we have everything we need by now. If someone wants to invest money in another Drupal event, ask about Drupalcamping – 15-18 June at Allersee, Wolfsburg.

Is the DrupalCamp also suitable for beginners?
Yes, you can already see some topics in the sessions that are also suitable for beginners. If you are missing topics, you can ask at the Barcamp Marketplace in the morning if someone could spontaneously hold a session.

Tickets & T-Shirts

Where can I get a ticket for DrupalCamp?
Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

Can I see the design for the T-shirt before I order one?
Yes, we have posted the design on Twitter.

How big will the t-shirts be?
We print on premium organic T-shirts at Spreadshirt. Here are the matching size charts for men and women.

Can I buy just a t-shirt without a ticket to DrupalCamp?
Eventbrite does allow you to order only one shirt. However, this option is only useful for our sponsors. The shirt will only be available at DrupalCamp, we do not send out t-shirts.
However, after the DrupalCamp Nicolai will make the motives of our last two camps available as vector data. You can use them to print your own t-shirt.

Ablauf & Unperfekthaus

How does the camp work?
On both days, first report to the entrance and say that you belong to the DrupalCamp. There you will be sent on. You will then receive a wristband from us. With your wristband you can also come back to the Unperfekthaus if you go out in between. As a participant of the DrupalCamp you don't have to pay an entrance fee at the Unperfekthaus.
Welcome, marketplace and sessions will take place in different rooms on the fourth floor.
For a more detailed schedule, have a look at the timetable.

Are meals provided?
There will be lunch and an evening snack on both days. You can also get non-alcoholic drinks free of charge throughout the day. You will only need to provide your own breakfast.

Are there vegetarian alternatives?
Yes, vegetarian meals are available for both lunch and dinner.

What about WLAN?
The Unperfekthaus has been a popular venue for various BarCamps for more than ten years. You shouldn’t have any problems with the Wi-Fi. 


Are you looking for advanced sessions only?
No, this DrupalCamp is explicitly aimed at beginners as well. Besides, you never know who might be interested in a beginner session. An experienced backend developer might attend an introduction to accessibility. A frontend expert might be looking for an introduction to Docker / DDEV. Just offer topics you can talk about.

Can I hold a remote session?
No, there will be no remote sessions. For each of these sessions, we would always need someone to also take care of the technology and bridge streaming dropouts. We do not have staff for this.

Are the sessions recorded?
No, that would also be too time-consuming. However, we encourage speakers to post their sessions on the web afterwards. Either on the DrupalCamp website or their own. Or at least add a link list.

Can I request a session?
Sure. We start each day with a session marketplace. There you can also wish for topics. Maybe there will be someone who can tell you something about it.


What is this Nerd Quiz on Friday night?
We are planning a small quiz (for groups of three) around nerd topics - movies, TV series, music, literature plus a little bit of school knowledge plus a little bit of web. You can see roughly what to expect from a similar nerd quiz from Barcamp Hamburg 2017. The linked sample quiz is in German, the quiz at DrupalCamp will be in English.
There will also be a few prizes.