Building the DrupalCon Prague 2022 Reviewer Portal in less than 48 Hours with Gitpod and DDEV

1 Slot - 45 min

Are you tired of setting up and managing your Drupal development environments locally? Do you want to learn how to develop Drupal sites in the cloud collaboratively from anywhere?

In this session, I will show you how to use Gitpod and DDEV to develop Drupal sites in the cloud with a fully remote team. Join me for a hands-on demo, where we will start from an initial repository and walk through the steps to build a fully functional Drupal site on

As a volunteer, I have used this setup to quickly build the reviewer portal of DrupalCon Prague 2022, and I am excited to share my knowledge with you. Gitpod is a cloud-based IDE that allows you to develop code in the cloud. It is fully customizable and provides a consistent development environment for your team. DDEV is a local development environment that makes it easy to create and manage local Drupal installations.

During this session, I will walk you through the steps to set up a fully functional Drupal site using Gitpod and DDEV. We will start with an initial repository, and I will demonstrate how to set up Gitpod and DDEV. We will then create a new Drupal site, customize it, and deploy it with

Don't miss out on this hands-on demo, where you can learn how to streamline your Drupal development workflow with Gitpod and DDEV.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not affiliated with Gitpod or DDEV, and all elements presented in this session are open source or available as subscriptions with a free tier.

Speaker: rvolk

Voller Name
Rouven Volk
I specialized in Drupal back in 2008, since then I used it primarily as an application framework and content management system for the development of web and business applications. I give much as possible back to the community by sharing experiences, mentoring and contributing.

I also regularly speak at and help organizing Drupal events especially in the D-A-CH region, e.g. Drupal Europe. DrupalCon Europe advisory board member and track chair lead since 2019/2020.