Drupal.org: the underrated business and skills booster platform

1 Slot - 45 min

There is always too less time and budget for contribution on Drupal.org for the ordinary digital agency. This comes by lack of how-to knowledge and motivation. The motivation hole comes by not having a concrete idea of the value, which Drupal.org contribution will provide to us. At the end of the day we want to do business, earn more money and work less for it. And that's the reason why we are contributing on Drupal.org. This session will try to enable the Drupal.org resource for you.


* Overview about the Drupal.org platform

* The user and company profiles as your market showcase

* Contribution as the key in learning Drupal

* The Drupal security advisory: a underrated resource

* What is documentation?

* The Git and GitLab workflow

* Module projects as a global brainstorming source

* New client projects by the indirect way

At the end of my session I will ask for interest in a mentored workshop in contribution via Drupal.org. If there will be enough interest, we can setup a workshop and I will guide you hands on on your path to contribution.

Speaker: PeterMajmesku