Grow your Agency: A Content Model that Connects

1 Slot - 45 min

Build trust, sell easier, help potential customers self-qualify (or disqualify) all before they ever contact you! Come to this session to learn an actionable, straightforward content for your website. Building trust first makes selling easier.

The “Agency House” is a six-part content architecture model for making your website your best sales tool. If you are a small agency or freelancer, your house can help you spend less of your precious time selling and more time delivering the work your clients love. Whatever the size of your company, if you want to shorten your sales cycles, building trust and long-term relationships, the Agency House is there for you, too!

In this session, we’ll show you what content you need and how to structure it to make a positive impact on your business:

  • Improve Sales Flow: Back up any pitch or conversation with resources on your website. Help prospects self-qualify and be closer to closing when they get in touch.
  • Strategic Awareness of your Expert Brand: Become the helpful authority, thought leader, and source of solutions to people’s challenges.
  • Improved Search Results: Google explicitly says content quality matters, and that they define quality content based on expertise, authority, and trust.
  • Connect with Leads: People looking for an agency partner are looking to solve a challenge or a problem. Make sure your help is there for them when they come looking.

You’ll leave this session with a structure and methodology (and handouts and templates and checklists!) to help see your site in a new light.

Speaker: kanadiankicks

Voller Name
Tracy Evans
Tracy Evans is a Partner at Open Strategy Partners, where she uses her deep background in marketing and business to give organizations the strategic tools to communicate the value of what they do to the people who need to hear it. Tracy has an MBA from the Mannheim Business School and more than 12 years of strategic marketing, technology, and management experience, spanning classic enterprise environments and the digital startup scene, helping organizations connect their value propositions to their target audiences.