LocalGov Drupal - Introduction and Reusable tools for other projects

1 Slot - 45 min

LocalGov Drupal is used by 34 local authorities in UK & Ireland - and growing. In addition to the councils it also involves multiple Drupal agencies working together. How they've come together, and how they work together is the first part of the story - and this session.

The second part is that lots of what has been built can be reused outside LocalGov Drupal and might be useful in your projects: Directories, Geo, Alert Banner, Step-by-step and Guides.

But that's not all. There's now Microsites too. A system built by bringing together Group and Domain modules.

The session will:

  • Give an introduction to how LocalGov Drupal came about and how everyone works together,
  • We will then look at the distribution, particularly at the modules that you might like to use in your own (not LocalGov) projects,
  • And will finish with Microsites.

Slides can be found at: https://ekes.gitlab.io/2023-lgd/

Speaker: ekes