The Protected Content Demonstration and Workshop

2 Slots - 90-105 min

Welcome to the Protected Content demonstration and workshop.

Part 1: Take a sit and enjoy your ride though asymmetric keys creation with Drupal and OpenPGPjs, client side encryption of text and files for multiple recipients, client side decryption on a zero knowledge proof schema, encrypted content update operation and much more. (Well, not really "much" more, just a few things more, like the integration to fields and views).

Part 2: In the first part of the presentation we've played with the software from the point of view of final users. Now it is time to have some hands on experience by the point of view of site builders

Speaker: panchiniak

Voller Name
Rodrigo Panchiniak Fernandes
I used to be interested in linguistic puzzles and recreative mathematics, but now I'm a father of a 2 years old and I have way less time for that. However, I keep improvising at the piano almost every day any time my telework as a Drupal specialist allows me to. Sailing on summer, skiing on winter will certainly make a good year for me.