Introduction to DrupalVM, a Vagrant Development Environment for Drupal

1 Slot - 45 min

This session is an introduction to DrupalVM and help you to get up and running with it. What is a good Drupal development environment? It should be able to do the following:

  • It should mirror the server environment the site will be hosted on. So most of the time best would be Linux.
  • It should be platform-agnostic. So a virtual machine should be best. Run it on windows, run it on a mac, develop on Atari, if you are so inclined
  • All members of the team shold work on the same environment
  • It would be nice if you would not have to build it yourself. Vagrant and Docker are nice, but who has the time?
  • Integrating Stuff like XHProf, local mail testing, Drush, you name it is great. Can I get this without any effort?
  • It should be possible to have as many vhosts/projects as you want
  • Running multiple instances for different PHP versions would be nice and is sometimes required
  • Last not least I want to use native Development tools on my Mac or Windows machine: PHPstorm, a git GUI etc.

All this can be done with DrupalVM

It is a bit harder to set up than Mamp or Wamp or Xampp, but totally worth it.


Dropbox Link to Session Slides / sample config.yml