Make your website more accessible

1 Slot - 45 min

Simple practices for designer, frontend developers and site builders.

By making your website accessible, you ensure that all users, including people with disabilities are able to interact with your website, get access to information or to contribute to your platform. Implementing accessibility means also, that you are improving the usability for all users of your site.

Mostly it’s not a bad intention to develop websites not accessible enough. It’s a lack of knowledge or prejudices that accessible websites are ugly, only functional or cost a lot for an unfocused target group.

I will present you some simple practices that you can use in your routine of designing, coding frontend structures or building sites with Drupal and how you can test and debug your sites under accessibility aspects.

  • Short introduction, what accessibility means and why you should concern about it (Spoiler: It’s not just about screenreader and blind people)
  • How you can implement the „feature“ accessibility in your projects and workflows
  • The DOM and the accessibility tree - base for assistive technologies like screenreaders or text-to-braille hardware
  • Working with WAI-ARIA
  • Best practices for your designing and coding routine that don’t need much effort
  • Testing & tools