New: Barcamp included

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 07:20

This year we're organizing the DrupalCamp in the form of a Barcamp. Specifically, there's no predetermined session schedule for the Barcamp tracks on saturday and sunday. In the mornings at 10:00, we will all get together and, following a short introduction to the concept of an Open Space,  jointly arrange the Barcamp programming for the day. To that end, the Barcamp sessions will be shortly presented and collaboratively scheduled in the available slots.

Sessions can be anything from a prepared presentation to a spontaneous talk about a specific topic or a more informal discussion around a set of particular questions. We hope this endeavor will (more) closely address your expectations and interests and make possible an open space for discussions and workshops. Anything within the vicinity of Drupal, CMS, frameworks, web development or work place goings on are possible topics.

So, whatever you deem interesting, be it a presentation, a particular question that's been bugging you or a discussion-worthy thesis - come and let the community take part!

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