True Nerds

Sat, 03/17/2018 - 22:05

Congratulations to Saskia, Katja and Johannes, who won the Big Fat Nerd Quiz Saturday evening by beating the competition with a whopping 42 out of 50 points.

Their effort won them the big prize. Each one got a book about web stuff from Rheinwerk Verlag, one Funko Pop figure and one book collecting 10 years of the comic strip Kopozky Web Solutions. If you never heard about the adventures of Kopozky and crew take a look at

Prizes for the Nerd Quiz

The nerd quiz was all about movies, tv, music, videogames, literature, just about anything in pop culture – with some extra questions for Drupal Developers sprinkled in 50 questions divided into ten categories with five questions each. If you missed the quiz: Nicolai will put the whole thing online this week.