Building websites with Drupal that content authors love

1 Slot - 45 min

Using Drupal as a powerful tool to build dynamic CMS solutions comes at a challenge that is often ignored: We all focus on the customer journey but forget about the author experience. 

To many Drupal projects deliver a backend that authors hate as it restricts flexibility and the speed of content creation. The result is often the same: Authors don't like Drupal and projects are about to fail due to missing acceptance from their users.

Nevertheless Drupal 8 brings countless improvements every month which make the life of authors so much easier.

In this session I want to show:

  • New author experience improvements released by Drupal 8
  • Profen concepts and best practices for flexible backends
  • Does and dont's of Drupal backend architectures
  • Answer questions to tackle challenges in your projects

This session is for:

  • Site builders that want to deliver great author experience
  • Authors that face an unusable Drupal backend in their daily work
  • Project and product managers that want to see what Drupal can do for authors