Docker orchestration with Kontena

1 Slot - 45 min

In this talk, I’m going to introduce you to Kontena, a Docker orchestration tool that lets you level up your infrastructure without spending days with trial and error (as well as banging your head on the desk).

Docker containers turned out to be a great tool for spinning up applications in development, testing or even production environments. Using the same deployment mechanism in dev as in ops makes life easier for everyone, and significantly shortens cycle times. But as soon as the number of containers rises (and it almost always does!), things get complicated. This is the point where people start recommending combinations of Swarm, Ansible, Chef, Kubernetes, Rancher or Mesosphere. Welcome to Yak Shaving 101.

Or you could use a developer-friendly Docker orchestration platform from Finland. It's called Kontena and it's as easy to set up as it is getting a whole stack of services running. At freistil IT, we first tried Kontena in an internship programme in 2016. Now we’re using it both in development and production environments.

In my talk, I'm going to cover topics like:

  • Why choose Kontena?
  • The Kontena architecture
  • Setting up a Kontena platform for development or production
  • Launching an application stack
  • Network security
  • Using SSL certificates from Let’s Encryt
  • Scaling application performance

I'm still amazed how simple it is to use Kontena, and I’ll make sure my talk will be easy to understand even if you’re not too familiar with Docker.