Product Adoption Strategy Built on Technical Truth

1 Slot - 45 min

This session is about understanding, then communicating the value of your complex technology … which can be as hard as building the darn thing!

Product or feature launches can flop when people don’t understand the value of your new shiny. Potential adopters need to know “Why is this important?” and “What’s in it for me?”

We are not Kevin Costner. If we build it, they might not come … without good comms. Clear, compelling Product Communications are at the center of Product Adoption. To do it right, you need to start with a strong, clear, consensus-based technical foundation.

What happens when you don’t? You get product positioning based on trendy buzzwords that don’t actually communicate the value of your tech that also repels skeptical (pragmatic!) tech-savvy audiences.

What happens when you do? You get unified, fact-based positioning based on substance and technical truth that will resonate with your audience. It will help you create clear product messaging, enabling all stakeholders to communicate consistently, accurately, and compellingly.

Where do I use that? Most obviously, this informs all of your public-facing marketing, and messaging at all journey and funnel stages. It should lead to factual sales materials, free from hyperbole, and technical communications supporting the rest.

Speaker: kanadiankicks

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Tracy Evans
Tracy Evans is a Partner at Open Strategy Partners, where she uses her deep background in marketing and business to give organizations the strategic tools to communicate the value of what they do to the people who need to hear it. Tracy has an MBA from the Mannheim Business School and more than 12 years of strategic marketing, technology, and management experience, spanning classic enterprise environments and the digital startup scene, helping organizations connect their value propositions to their target audiences.