Secure and/or boost performance with static HTML

1 Slot - 45 min

This session is about the boost module incl. my plans for a Drupal 8 version and about strategies to use Drupal as static site generator with a focus on my own script.

I will explain how my script works and why I didn't use a module for that.
Spoiler: The boost module was an initial inspiration for my strategy which is already used on many websites via a service of my company.

The boost module was a great success on Drupal 6 and 7 especially on shared hosting to make Drupal sites faster especially when using Nginx and fast file systems e.g. with SSD. It's still a good idea for Drupal caching with avoiding PHP and Database calls completely. Wherever it's possible e.g. on simple presentation sites like landing pages I suggest to go a step further: Upgrade from static caching to static export of the complete website. This is the ultimate protection against any attack via simple page calls mostly done by bots. To protect a dynamic site against such attacks CMS security maintenance needs to be organised for a fast reaction within a few hours. This makes security maintenance complex and expensive on all CMS which can be reached via PHP. On static sites only the server needs security management and you need less server resources.