Small Core - The Phantom lives!

1 Slot - 45 min

You've probably already heard the term 'Small Core' sometimes - it's a recurring proposal to slim down Drupal by removing stuff from core most sitebuilders don't use anyway. I'm looking at you, book module! While some things have been achieved already (remember blog or forum module?), a standard Drupal 8 installation is still rather stuffed, with many enabled modules and resulting database structure and configuration complexity, and maybe performance flaws, too.

Let's try an experiment: what about building a Drupal 8 site without enabling ANY optional component of Drupal? No nodes, no terms, no blocks, no views, no fields, and so on. Sounds crazy? Yeah, but it's easier than you think!

In this session I'll demonstrate how to build a Drupal application 'from scratch':

  • creating simple custom entities
  • adding a menu (without Menu UI) and custom paths (without Path module)
  • creating entity views (without Field UI)
  • building fancy lists with clicksort, pager and filter stuff (without Views)
  • implementing a custom search (without Search module)
  • adding some fancy Ajax stuff (well, maybe).

just with a stripped down core of mandatory components that can't be disabled and a really modest amount of custom code, doing all this in a single module.

Thanks to Drupal 8's powerful core api, and some simple OOP concepts, you'll get an idea why Drupal in fact is a content management framework (CMF), not only a CMS.

This session requires a basic knowledge of Drupal development (PHP, OOP). It will be presented in English, but may switch to German if only native German attendees are watching.